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Beaton (SOLD)

Price: $ 306,000.00
Added 2017-03-22 22:44:50


10,000 sq. ft. lands with 2 storey dwelling house @ “Beaton” New Westerhall, St. David. Reserved price $306,000.00

As one travels along the Beaton/laura public road (Eastern main road) going toward Red Gate, one turns in to the right at the Beaton junction and goes along toward the “Rocks”. One travels along the paved road until reaching a short hill. As one crests this hill one goes down the first concrete paved road to the left. One then turns right off this road with the property being the first one on the left and bordered by both roads. The lot is approximately 1/3 mile from the Eastern Main Road.

Specific details

Bedrooms 4 +
Lot Size (sq. ft.) 10,000
Type House
Bathrooms 2


New Westerhall, St. David
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